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Priscilla Omoleme | Psychiatric Mental Health
Priscilla Omoleme | Psychiatric Mental Health


Priscilla Omoleme, MSN, ARNP, PMHNP-BC


Priscilla is a highly qualified and compassionate psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC). She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Walden University and continued her education to earn a Master of Science in Mental Health from the same institution. With a deep commitment to patient-centered care, Priscilla believes in establishing a strong therapeutic alliance with her patients.

Priscilla’s treatment philosophy revolves around empathic listening and collaborative teamwork. She values the importance of actively involving her patients in their treatment journey, ensuring they have a voice in decision-making. Through comprehensive assessments, Priscilla provides accurate diagnoses and presents a range of evidence-based treatment options. She takes the time to explain the potential benefits and risks of each option, empowering her patients to make informed choices.

Creating a congenial atmosphere is paramount to Priscilla’s practice. She strives to create a welcoming environment where patients feel comfortable expressing their concerns and sharing their experiences. By fostering a therapeutic relationship built on trust and understanding, Priscilla aims to reduce suffering and enhance overall well-being.

Passionate about mental health, Priscilla is dedicated to helping you find the right treatment plan that suits your individual needs. She is committed to supporting you on your journey to improved mental health and a better quality of life.

Professional Credentials



Board-Certified as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner PMHNP-BC, MSN

Education Background

  • Higher degree in Mental Health, providing a solid foundation for comprehensive care
  • Bachelor’s of science in Nursing (BSN) from Walden University
  • Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) from Walden University

Professional Experience

  • 20years in healthcare generally, 3 years in mental health practice
  • Ability to build rapport and gain trust with patients from diverse backgrounds
  • Experienced working collaboratively with Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Psychotherapists, and Counselors
  • Specializes in treating conditions such as ADHD/ADD, Depression, Anxiety, and Sleep issues
  • Exceptional listening skills, passionate, and caring approach to patient care
  • Attention to detail and commitment to designing personalized treatment modalities


Mrs. Sharyl Workman, PA-C


With over 31 years in healthcare generally, 22 years in emergency medicine and 9 years in psychiatry mental health practice, Mrs. Sharyl Workman, PA-C, is a seasoned healthcare professional dedicated to providing the highest quality care to her patients. She holds a degree as a Physician Assistant from the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas. She is affiliated with prestigious medical associations, including the NCCPA, American Academy of Physician Assistants, Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants, and American Association of Psychiatry Physician Assistants.

Meet Mrs. Sharyl Workman, PA-C | WAH Psychiatry Clinic
Meet Mrs. Sharyl Workman, PA-C | WAH Psychiatry Clinic

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